Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A New Member of the Polaris Cosmetics Team

When a talented artist comes our way, it is our duty to share the wonderful news with our Polaris Cosmetics followers. Steffanie Discoe has joined Polaris Cosmetics as Junior Artist.
This star in the making will be under the intense training and direction of Creative Director Cristina Romeo and Senior Makeup Artist Ashley Smith. She will expand her horizons and knowledge as a professional makeup artist learning from the best mentors in the industry. We believe she will be everything Polaris stands for; to educate and provide women with access to customized beauty, and empower them to become their own star.
            Discoe became involved with all things beauty at a very young age while involved in her local MUSOC scene. As Discoe explains, she felt like an ugly duckling and the women she met were so interesting and beautiful in a unique way. This encounter made her feel confident in a new way and was willing to experiment with her look.
            Discoe attended school in Murrieta, CA at the Marinello Schools of Beauty. She gained experience through school makeup lessons and events. She also had the opportunity to be the makeup artist for several plays in her high school.
             Discoe’s absolute favorite part of being a makeup artist is seeing how moved people are by how beautiful they can look.
            Discoe looks forward to taking in all of the different experiences she will gain working with our professional makeup artists and clients of Polaris Cosmetics. “Life moments through other people is one of the greatest joys in my life,” she says.
            You can schedule your appointment with Discoe at our Thousand Oaks location or Encino location. You can also check out her work as she grows with us on Facebook,  Instagram  @PolarisCosmetics  and Twitter: @PolarisMakeup  .

Monday, March 10, 2014

Makeup Monday: Bright Colors

It seems like Spring Forward has got many feeling a little out of it after losing an hour of sleep. Let us put the pep back in your step this Makeup Monday by adding a pop of color to your start of the week. Green eyeshadow: Space Sage Blue eyeshadow: Crave Pink face color: Hibiscus Lipgloss: Luscious Like these goodies? Follow us on Instagram @PolarisCosmetics and get 25% off your order.